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Repair and Maintenance

Guaranteed service life worldwide

An attractive total cost of ownership also includes different parts of a cost-effective after-sales phase. VINCORION’s solutions are low-maintenance. If maintenance or repair is due, VINCORION’s customer support will take care of you worldwide – in the civil aviation, security and defense, and rail market segments. We guarantee the long and reliable service life of our systems through in-depth detailed knowledge and our technical specialists’ many years of experience. At the same time, we also offer expert support for products from other manufacturers. We will analyze your systems and create a custom maintenance and repair package that meets your specific needs.

Obsolescence Management

Decades of operation

We are your one-stop repair shop – either on-site at your location or in our workshops. If you use complete systems from different manufacturers, we can handle all of the maintenance and repair services. VINCORION’s obsolescence management is a major advantage of our customer support: we keep spare parts and expertise available for up to 30 years up to 30 years and more to ensure that your systems will run smoothly for decades.
We never miss a scheduled repair interval. Repair and maintenance training helps us guarantee the long life cycle of the products.

Long Life Cycle

Spare parts and expertise for up to 30 years


Manufacturer-agnostic repair

Knowledge Transfer

Product and service training

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