How Products Speak to Us through Names

Generators, Storage Systems, and Controllers with Character

Names trigger something in us, they make an impression, they create a bond. And this doesn’t just apply to people. Companies particularly want the names of products and services to be at least as well-considered as the brand as a whole. After all, once we’ve memorized a name, we associate it with a certain image or idea for years to come. This means the process of selecting names is absolutely critical for companies, and VINCORION is no exception.

A good brand or product name should meet at least five different criteria: it should be easy to understand, it should be concise, it should evoke an emotion when read, it should have a pleasant sound or be associated with something positive, and it should, of course, be unique.

When it comes to the latter, I’m reminded of an event that occurred some time ago, but is still relevant. When I was a child, I spent most of my time outside with the other children in my neighborhood. Around noon, when someone’s parent called out from one of the windows “Petra, lunch is ready!” three of us girls looked at each other, giggling. We all sprinted up the stairs and the unsuspecting mother was surprised to see three hungry children standing in front of her. And even during my school days, my teacher was at least smart enough to give us Petras, Sabines, Thorstens, and Olivers (all very common German names) a number so that we knew whose turn it was to go up to the blackboard.

Let’s Call a Spade a Spade

Here at VINCORION, we decided to put the names of our products to the test – do they meet the five criteria mentioned above? Do they convey what the respective product is all about? Do they contain an element of fun? Do they add anything to the product?
To cut right to the chase, we decided to give our babies – I mean our products – new names. And even breathed a little more life into them as a result. Because now, thanks to their new names, they actually communicate – with us and with our customers. We think it’s great. After all, the new names contain everything that characterizes us as a company: heart and soul, passion, and enthusiasm.

Products with Personality

An internal group of experts from Product Management and Communications brainstormed, discussed, argued, selected, rejected, and ultimately developed a fitting standardized naming system for the entire VINCORION product family.

Now each of our product names is made up of three elements – first an abbreviation for the product type, such as EPG for Electric Power Generator or ERH for Electric Rescue Hoist. After that, an attribute that emphasizes the product’s respective character, like “husky” for a strong, powerful generator or “supervisor” for a monitoring control unit, for example. And finally, the superscript V for VINCORION – a nod to our brand that is unusual in the best sense of the word because it stands out.

Oh, and by the way – my children are named Luke and Mara. And just like me back then, calling them once was frequently not enough. But that was never because of their names.

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