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Customer Support for Overseas Companies Active in Europe

Customer Support for Overseas Companies Active in Europe

Don’t Look Farther Afield If What You Need Is Nearby

Why ship defect components thousands of miles overseas from Europe for repair when another solution is right around the corner? This is where VINCORION customer support comes into play. Thomas Paustian, head of VINCORION customer support, states: “VINCORION is the one-stop Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) strategic partner for overseas companies that want to start or have already started defense businesses in Europe and are looking for an innovative service approach. This applies to companies in the US as well as in Asia.”

For OEM overseas companies active in Europe – e. g. for the US Army in Ramstein, Germany – working with VINCORION’s service eliminates the need to ship defective parts overseas or to open their own internal MRO/ILS facility in Europe. VINCORION provides comprehensive technology expertise and broad support capabilities throughout the entire product life cycle including obsolescence management for up to 40 years.

Conveniently Accessible

For overseas companies active in Europe, Paustian also stresses how conveniently accessible from all over Europe VINCORION customer support is: “The Port of Hamburg, Hamburg Airport, German railway freight yard, and one of the main German highways are all within a range of 20 miles.”


Decades of Experience

With more than 60 years of experience in military and civil engineering, 120 VINCORION customer support staff work on third-party solutions and VINCORION products. They provide ILS services for 150 platforms and 850 customers. 7,000 orders per year keep the customer support unit busy. As vital evidence of the company’s military expertise, VINCORION fulfills all relevant MIL standards and has all essential certifications in order to ensure further business in other NATO countries. In addition to defense and security, VINCORION’s customer support is active in the civil aviation and rail markets.

When it comes to ILS in various scopes, overseas companies find a strong and reliable partner in VINCORION.

Thomas Paustian, head of customer support


Exclusive License for AWACS Rotodome Maintenance

Since 2000, VINCORION has been the only company licensed by Boeing to maintain AWACS rotodomes for all NATO states. The advantages are obvious: substantial cost reductions, faster repair times, and shorter off-duty periods. “We are proud to support NATO in the upkeep of their crucial airborne early warning and control system aircraft. This successful partnership has stood for 19 years now,” explains a team member of the AWACS rotodome program at VINCORION. In addition to the AWACS rotodome, VINCORION also services radomes for the TORNADO, Transall C160, NH 90, EF 2000, and NUCAV.


A Broad Performance Portfolio

Another VINCORION key service capability for overseas companies is the MRO of electric machines. A prominent use case is the maintenance of the third-party main generator in the heavy lift transport helicopter CH53. For overseas OEMs, a strategic partnership with VINCORION in the form of an umbrella contract can go beyond MRO. The company has the capability to play an integral part in the logistics stream of an OEM. In other words, VINCORION offers complete ILS. The European hub services can include expert consultation, training, and field support. Dedicated MRO expertise range from diagnostics and reconditioning to maintenance, repair, and modification. An overseas European ILS package can also include spare-parts supply, packaging, handling, storage, and transport.

What You Get

The benefits are numerous. Overseas companies can minimize management attention and please their customers with short lead times. Furthermore, the administration for transport, import, export, and customs issues is significantly reduced. Frequent customers confirm that during ILS, VINCORION naturally meets schedules and delivers excellent service quality and, in addition, even provides product improvements and developments during the support chain – added value as a by-product.

Customers can rely on VINCORION obsolescence management. Engineers and technicians ensure support for a product or system life cycle for up to 40 years. Spare parts and expertise are kept at hand to maintain uptime for decades.

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