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Welcome to VINCORION Insights

Welcome to VINCORION Insights

Our New Digital Format

The most exciting stories from the world of VINCORION, authentically told by employees, trainees, customers, and partners through an interesting range of photos, articles, and videos – that’s what VINCORION Insights is all about!

Here you’ll find detailed background information and details about our technological solutions and areas of expertise. You’ll gain insights into our company and the markets we operate in and get to know the people behind these stories to learn what drives and motivates them. You see, we’re convinced that only those who have insight can share real insights.

In this video, Executive Vice President Dr. Stefan Stenzel, Head of Communications and Marketing Petra Klähn, and Head of Human Resources Nina Römhild explain how VINCORION Insights was developed and what we want to achieve with it.
We hope you enjoy reading the stories and we look forward to your feedback, shares, and reviews!
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