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Use Cases

From Mobile To Stationary

As an expert in the field of military power supply systems, VINCORION provides electricity for your military infrastructure – from ultra-mobile applications to camps and stationary infrastructures. We adapt our platform solutions to your requirements. Communication, sensor technology, defense, and day-to-day ease of use requirements come together to create your specific total energy needs. VINCORION supplies scalable, applied solutions for this purpose. Regardless of how scenarios in the field may change, we will always keep an eye on the future and adapt our solutions accordingly.

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Military Converters

Feeding electricity from different sources such as the regional power grid into a military camp’s power system and making it available to users is an essential element in maintaining maximum availability of power within the camp. For this purpose, VINCORION has been providing converters for decades that provide a 400 Hz supply for long-term deployments. You can operate your infrastructure using power from the grid or from the VINCORION unit without having to switch over. VINCORION converters operate in hot standby mode so that you can seamlessly switch between grid and genset operation at any time without any interruption in power.

Y can rely on our expertise, including state-of-the-art development, production, and testing tools. Our 400 Hz converters can be operated on 50 Hz and 60 Hz networks worldwide and meet military standards’ stringent formal requirements. As a result, sensitive military equipment such as aircraft or air defense systems receive a reliable and constant supply of 400 Hz power at an appropriate voltage.

Customer Support

Rapid Global Expertise

With expert knowledge and extensive experience, our customer support ensures that VINCORION solutions have a long life cycle. Based on our in-depth mechatronic expertise, we also provide maintenance and repair services for third-party products. Contact us for a package tailored to your needs.

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Due to legal regulations, the shown military products and solutions cannot be delivered to your country.