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Multiple Units

Use Cases

Compact Energy Efficiency

To guarantee the smooth operation of multiple units, VINCORION provides an energy-efficient, compact, and economical power supply – whether for the traction motors, the on-board network, or the entire rail vehicle. Our alternators and diesel-electric gensets enable flexible mobility throughout the entire rail network. In order to meet your space requirements, we offer extremely flat and light systems for underfloor and rooftop installation. This allows you to achieve a large accessible low-floor section. We transform your individual requirements into scalable solutions.

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Traction Genset

We fulfill individual requirements and transform electric multiple units into diesel-electric multiple units through the use of a compact diesel engines. In this context, the VINCORION Powerpack traction genset delivers the necessary power. Our Powerpack creates a large accessible low-floor section with high energy density. This efficiency reduces energy consumption and make operation more cost-effective.

Power Rating

200 kW – 3,000 kW


Max. 3,000 V DC Max. 2,000 V AC


Synchronous, brushless, permanent magnet
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Customer Support

Rapid Global Expertise

With expert knowledge and extensive experience, our customer support ensures that VINCORION solutions have a long life cycle. Based on our in-depth mechatronic expertise, we also provide maintenance and repair services for third-party products. Contact us for a package tailored to your needs.

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