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Mobile Power Management

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Flexibly Changing Deployment Locations

Mobile Power Management

Asymmetric conflicts require a non-linear approach to combat. Remote units – whether pioneers, reconnaissance teams, or special units – must be able to relocate to new locations with flexibility. These scenarios also call for new power supply concepts that adapt to rapidly changing application requirements. VINCORION develops solutions proactively and with foresight – the P²M² system, VINCORION’s Portable Power Management Modules, is at the forefront of mobile power management.


Flexible AC/DC input and output modules


12 – 48 V DC and 120 – 400 V AC 50/60 Hz


Storage modules with up to 2.3 kWh per unit

Mobile Power Management

Flexible Power Supply for Mobile Units

Plug and Play

Using All Available Resources

By using all available energy resources, mobile units can supply themselves with power for longer and thus increase their operating time. P²M² features intelligent power management and uses all available power sources such as solar power, power from vehicles, alternators, or local grids. Alternatively, storage modules can be used to achieve independence from energy sources. Variable output modules allow different electrical components to be connected. A single module can be carried by one man, and several modules can be stacked on top of each other and connected via plug and play. The system is designed to be intuitive and allows you to combine the modules you need on a mission-by-mission basis – a decisive factor in conflict situations.

P2M2 delivers the ultimate in flexible power management for mobile applications. You can select the power source as well as the storage and output mode depending on the situation. And the best part is that all of the modules are designed to be plug and play.

Franz Hadersbeck, Electronics Developer, VINCORION Power Systems

Further Development

Real Tests In The Field

We continue to make advancements to P²M² on the basis of customer feedback. Needs analyses are considered, demo devices are tested under load, and real tests with users are carried out. We gain valuable insights in the field to ensure that our system is even better prepared for current and future crisis scenarios. P²M² empowers you with extreme mobility and fast installation in potentially life-threatening mission environments. Shocks, vibrations, extreme climates in the Arctic or the desert – thanks to aluminum housings, P²M² is designed for everything and is your reliable mobile power supply.

Customer Support

Rapid Global Expertise

With expert knowledge and extensive experience, our customer support ensures that VINCORION solutions have a long life cycle. Based on our in-depth mechatronic expertise, we also provide maintenance and repair services for third-party products. Contact us for a package tailored to your needs.

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