Flexible Power Supply for Mobile Operations

Every second counts! During both civil disasters and military operations, high-performance infrastructures need to be set up and reliably operated in the shortest possible time in almost any terrain and climate situation. In this context, the heart of the infrastructure is a reliable power supply. With its PPM modularV, the portable power management modules, VINCORION is one of the leading specialists for this task.

Plug and Play

PPM modularV stands out thanks to its intelligent power management and its use of all available energy sources in the field, such as solar power, local grids, power from vehicles, or generators. Storage modules ensure that you aren’t dependent on energy sources. Variable output modules allow different electrical components to be connected. These can be combined according to the specific requirements of each application.

Demand-Driven Advancements

VINCORION continues to develop and make advancements to the PPM modularV. We are taking demand analyses into account, as well as data from demo devices under load and feedback from real-world tests with users. These findings guide us in making the best possible modifications to the system to meet the requirements of current and future crisis scenarios across the globe – from the Arctic to the desert.

Future System with a Fuel Cell

VINCORION is currently developing the portable power management system of the future. This modular system can also utilize a fuel cell as its energy source. To this end, VINCORION is working together with SFC Energy AG.
The two German technology specialists are combining a sustainable and highly efficient power supply via fuel cell technology with the modular power system. To achieve this, a fuel cell module is being added to the prototype with input, output, and storage modules. Thanks to its standardized 19-inch rack design, it is easy to adapt the existing housing to the EFOY Pro 12000 Duo fuel cell. This keeps the entire power management system compact, space-saving, and easy to maintain.

Sustainable and Highly Efficient

In the module, the fuel cell technology provides a lasting and, at the same time, environmentally friendly supply of power. It doesn’t emit harmful exhaust gases such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide, or particulate matter. In contrast to conventional generators, it operates far more quietly and with extremely low wear due to the small number of moving parts. This also results in a longer life cycle. And in the end, the fuel cell is 95% recyclable.

Fuel cells are the perfect solution for self-sufficient power supply systems far from the conventional power grid. Emergency personnel have access to sustained, environmentally friendly power for their applications, regardless of location. At the same time, the significant reduction in weight and low consumption provide decisive cost and logistics savings.

Interconnected Operation
Diagram of variable interconnected operation
Parallel Operation
Diagram of parallel operation of gensets and power storage modules
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