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03. Jun. 2020

VINCORION Receives Spare Parts Order for Patriot Gensets

The mechatronics manufacturer VINCORION has received an order to supply spare parts for the Patriot™ air and missile defense system’s power supply. The total order has a value of approximately ten million euros.

The order was placed by Raytheon Missiles and Defense, a division of Raytheon Technologies via the US division of Jenoptik Advanced Systems. The order encompasses the supply of spare parts, in particular for the diesel engines used in the Patriot system’s EPP, EPU, and launcher gensets. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2020. The aim is to complete deliveries by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

“Our technological solutions ensure that critical systems operate reliably over extremely long product life cycles. This includes the supply of power to air defense systems in use around the world,” said Dr. Stefan Stenzel, managing director of VINCORION. “Continued demand for and confidence in our products and services attest to their outstanding quality as well as the enduring nature of our customer relationships.”

VINCORION: 4-Star Supplier to Raytheon Technologies


The Jenoptik Technology Group has consolidated its mechatronics expertise under the brand name VINCORION since 2018. The company is one of 86 suppliers worldwide that have been awarded the 4-star seal by Raytheon Technologies on the basis of fixed criteria such as product quality and delivery punctuality.

The gensets that supply power to the Patriot air defense system were originally developed by VINCORION in the 1980s, initially for use by the German Air Force, and have since been adopted by twelve of the 17 countries that use Patriot systems. The system will continue to be enhanced and operated over the next three decades.

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