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Products and Solutions

Procurement is our top priority

As a market-oriented, globally active optoelectronics group, our success is determined by excellent products and solutions. In order to meet these requirements we place particular emphasis on high-quality materials and services. Procurement is therefore a top priority and an important factor for our company's success. With a global network of efficient suppliers we guarantee our customers an outstanding and permanent competitive advantage.

Globally present


Our global customers primarily include companies from the aviation industry, security and defense technology, railway and transport. In order to be able to successfully serve these challenging markets we select globally efficient suppliers. We then work closely together with these suppliers to achieve optimal quality and efficiency, also taking the United Nations Global Compact into account.


Products and Solutions

Demand priorities

As versatile as our own products and solutions for our customers are, so are our requirements for individual parts, components, complex assemblies, and services on the procurement side. They are divided into the following main groups:

Electromechanical systems

Mechanical systems


Composite materials


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General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase as well as the Code of Conduct for VINCORION Suppliers shall apply to all business transactions.



Supplier Requirements

  • You meet our high standards of quality
  • You can offer us competitive rates.
  • You are innovative and would like to actively participate in the development of technical solutions and/or take on development tasks.
  • You accept our Code of Conduct and our quality guidelines for suppliers.
  • You meet our high standards of quality
  • You have a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001
  • Your environmental management system complies with ISO 14001.

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You`d like to apply as supplier for Jenoptik? Please use the form below.

Services and Products
Services and Products
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Power electronics
Control electronics
Turned and milled parts
Cast and forged parts
Sheet metal components and modules
Electrical sheets and sheet stacks
Welded constructions
Special ball bearings
Magnets and magnetic modules
Copper wire
Active and passive electronic components for our internal PCB assembly
Raw PCBs
Cable assemblies
Development services (on the basis of a contract to produce a work)
Surface finishing
* Required Input
General Company Information and Legal Form
General Company Information and Legal Form
Contact Details
* Required Input
General Management
Key Account Management
Production Management
Quality Management
Environmental Management
Export Controls
Contact Person
* Required Input
Number of Employees
Number of Employees
Employees per department
* Required Input
Product Liability Insurance
Product Liability Insurance
Insurance Details
* Required Input
Financial Data
Financial Data
Total Turnover
Export Rate (in %)
Operating Profit
Value added in % of sales
Countries exported to
* Required Input
Customers and Industrie Sector
Customers and Industrie Sector
Core capabilities
1. Industry delivered to
2. Industry delivered to
1. Major Customer
2. Major Customer
3. Major Customer
* Required Input
Quality Guideline for Suppliers and Code of Conduct
Quality Guideline for Suppliers and Code of Conduct
Quality Guideline for Suppliers Accepted*
Code of Conduct Accepted*
Do you agree with an audit by us?*
Are you aware of the requirements of REACH and are they implemented?*
* Required Input
Certifications Management Systems

“Please answer the questions in the next section”

Certification Process
* Required Input
Further Questions
Further Questions
Question 1
Is there a quality representative independent of production?
Question 2
Is there a quality management manual in place (if yes, with which version)?
Question 3
Are there documented work and procedure instructions in place?
Question 4
Do you conduct internal audits?
Question 5
Is the documentation for verification of product quality archived (if so, how long)?
Question 6
Are test characteristics and scope defined in test instructions?
Question 7
Are used measuring and testing equipment regularly calibrated?
Question 8
Is calibration done against national/ international standards?
Question 9
Do you document the results of the calibration?
Question 10
Do you have procedures in place to identify, mark and control non-complaint parts/ materials?
Question 11
Do you have procedures in place to identify, mark and control non-complaint parts/ materials?
Question 12
Are you recording the results of incoming inspection?
Question 13
Is the traceability of the processor, process and all materials/parts used ensured, as far as necessary?
Question 14
Do you perform process and/or final checks before shipping?
Question 15
Are you maintaining a supplier qualification system?
Question 16
Are there procedures for handling, storage and transport implemented?
Question 17
Is there a documented procedure for monitoring limited lifetime articles / material in place?
Question 18
Do you ensure that we are informed in writing of any deviations from materials / parts / processes / deliveries that do not comply with the relevant drawings / specific procedures / manufacturing instructions?
Question 19
Are customer complaints registered and investigated?
Question 20
Are complaints processed according to a defined procedure (e.g. 8D report)?
* Required Input
* Required Input