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Innovation Management

Our Focus

Passion From the Very Beginning

We’re your expert partner for the development of tailored mechatronic solutions. We focus on technological innovations for a wide range of needs in the civil and military sectors. We’re passionate about expanding our expertise with each new, highly specialized project. This continuously growing expertise enhances our creative thinking and helps us find a unique approach to each new task. And that is the foundation of our ability to innovate. This ability is what allows us to create precise, highly dynamic, and efficient solutions that also have a real, lasting impact for your company, no matter what challenges you may face in the future.

Lasting Security

Marrying Environmental and Economic Sustainability for Lasting Security


From digitized goods logistics and production areas to virtual interactions with customers and energy-efficient solutions for railroads, aircraft, and military platforms, sustainability in an industrial context has numerous facets – and offers numerous opportunities

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Equal Partners

Creating New Perspectives Together

We consider the synergies resulting from genuine teamwork and collaboration in a spirit of partnership to be of inestimable value. This applies to the teamwork among our technicians as well as to our close communication with customers and industry partners around the world. We place the utmost trust in our partners’ individual professional abilities, which perfectly complement our expertise. We also work closely with research institutions and actively participate in publicly-funded technology projects and collaborations to jointly pursue new ideas and develop products with genuine added value for you. 


With Public Institutions, Industrial Companies, Research Institutes, and Universities

Our Mission

Setting Technological Standards

We plan, develop, and build products for the future. Our focus is on identifying tomorrow’s trends and challenges at an early stage and using this knowledge to develop products that can be used for decades. To further strengthen this philosophy, we deliberately invest in intensive research and development activities. In this process, we apply the highest standards of quality in all stages, from the first sketch to the final production step. As a result, you can rest assured that VINCORION will always deliver cutting-edge solutions that will also create a clear competitive edge for you over the long term in terms of convenience, efficiency, and sustainability.

Our Projects

Innovative Technology

Mobile Power Management

In the event of a disaster or military operations, the necessary infrastructure usually needs to be set up in the shortest possible time, including a dependable, self-sufficient power supply that isn’t reliant on the power grid. We’ve developed a solution that can be perfectly tailored to your needs: our P2M2, the portable power management system of the future. More...

Innovative Technology

Cutting-Edge Propulsion Technology

The rail transportation systems of the future are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. This will depend, among other factors, on the weight of the rail vehicles. In the MTAB joint research project, we’re working with five other companies and research institutes and backed by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to develop a suitable propulsion solution for the future of rail transportation. More...