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Radomes and Composites

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Innovative Material

The extremely thorough process of manufacturing  VINCORION’s radomes – a single product that takes up to three months to complete – underscores the expertise of VINCORION’s experts. The radar covers for aircraft and helicopters, which are used to conceal sensitive antennas, are made out of progressive composites. Special composites are also used in VINCORION’s trolley lifts. The materials for the lift that connects aircraft decks must be both extremely strong and lightweight at the same time. 
VINCORION is driving development in the field of composites – whether GFRP or CFRP – as well as in the use of other innovative materials for our aviation solutions. For example, we are using a new type of heat coating for our heated floor panels for the first time in civil aviation.

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VINCORION solves special challenges resulting from aircraft design. On wide-bodied aircraft with two full-length passenger decks, the challenge is that trolleys need to be transported between several decks. VINCORION’s answer is the extremely light, stable, low-noise trolley lift made of composites, which reliably compensates for aircraft movements. The lift has a long service life and requires hardly any maintenance. 

We tailor lift systems to your requirements – from lift cabin paneling in your airline’s colors to the placement of the holder for the on-board telephone. The VINCORION trolley lift has been designed for future aviation trends – if cargo decks are increasingly converted into passenger spaces such as sanitary facilities, offices, or berths due to under-use, our trolley lift is ready when needed.

Max. Lifting Capacity

240 kg on the ground/120 kg in the air

Travel Length

2.75 m


0.3 m/s

Customer Support

Rapid Global Expertise

With expert knowledge and extensive experience, our customer support ensures that VINCORION solutions have a long life cycle. Based on our in-depth mechatronic expertise, we also provide maintenance and repair services for third-party products. Contact us for a package tailored to your needs.

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