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More power for the navy

VINCORION systems, subsystems, and components have played a key role in successful military missions on the ground and in the air for decades. We scale platform solutions to meet the requirements of international project partners and apply this expertise to naval forces and civilian boats as well.
In submarines, variable-speed, permanently excited VINCORION drive units take auxiliary drives to a new level. You are guaranteed to be impressed by excellent acoustic properties, maximum efficiency, minimum magnetics, and low operating costs. High-performance VINCORION generators provide reliable power for on-board electrical systems in military boats, yachts and cargo ships – even under extreme conditions.
Take advantage of our specialized knowledge for your naval projects – we can adapt our solutions for military and civilian boats and ships to your requirements.
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Generators for Boat Engines

Modern military motor vessels feature an ever increasing number of electrical consumers on board. Similar to with military land vehicles, VINCORION is the right partner to supply the power you need for your vehicle’s electrical system using high-performance, extra-low-voltage generators.
Thanks to their compact and lightweight design, VINCORION generators can be installed in a wide variety of boat classes in a way that saves space. They are designed for reliable, rugged use and feature an extremely high MTBF. Automatic overcurrent and temperature protection is a standard feature of our systems.
As with its other products, when it comes to marine generators, you can also rely on one of VINCORION’s distinctive features – we respond individually to our partners’ and customers’ requirements. From generating 3D models to producing working prototypes to mass production, we’re the right partner for you. For example, we adapted a water-cooled generator in cooperation with a renowned engine manufacturer so that it now also works six hours below the waterline in an emergency. We support and advise our customers in every stage of the project as required.
VINCORION generators are not only suitable for use in naval vessels, but also for civilian vessels. Whether air-cooled or water-cooled, whether for yachts or cargo ships – we can adapt our generators to the requirements of your models. We looking forward to speaking with you.

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Gracias a sus conocimientos especializados y a su amplia experiencia, nuestro servicio de atención al cliente garantiza un largo ciclo de vida de las soluciones VINCORION. Ayudados por nuestro profundo know-how en materia de mecatrónica, también efectuamos el mantenimiento y la reparación de productos de terceros proveedores. Consúltenos para conseguir un paquete a su medida.

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Sobre la base de las disposiciones legales, las soluciones militares mostradas no se pueden suministrar en su país.