VINCORION Supplies Generators for US customer

Through its VINCORION investment, Jenoptik received a long-term order for generators that a US customer is integrating into military vehicles.

In its mechatronics business under the VINCORION brand, Jenoptik has received an order from a US manufacturer to supply a total of 730 alternators and controllers to be used in infantry fighting vehicles. The order volume is in the low double-digit million euro range. Delivery is scheduled to begin in 2021, and revenue contributions will be generated from 2021 to 2025.

“Thanks to our decades of experience in the development of customized energy solutions, we play a key role in ensuring that special-purpose civilian and military vehicles operate safely, even under demanding operating conditions,” said Dr. Stefan Stenzel, head of VINCORION.

The Jenoptik Group has consolidated its mechatronics expertise under the brand name VINCORION since 2018. VINCORION’s alternators are used in the defense industry in tanks, off-road vehicles, trucks, aircraft, and on naval platforms. VINCORION specializes in custom-built alternators with electrical and mechanical parameters that are perfectly adapted to the respective application profiles.

About Jenoptik

Jenoptik is a globally operating technology group, which is active in the three photonics-based divisions Light & Optics, Light & Production and Light & Safety as well as with VINCORION for mechatronics solutions. Optical technologies are the very basis of our business with the majority of our products and services being provided to the photonics market. Our key target markets primarily include the semiconductor equipment industry, the medical technology, automotive and mechanical engineering, traffic, aviation as well as the security and defense technology industries. Jenoptik is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, has more than 4,100 employees and generated revenue of approx. 855 million euros in 2019.



VINCORION is a brand of the technology group Jenoptik that focuses on mechatronic solutions and products and related services.
VINCORION can look back at 60 years of successful business history as a supplier to the aviation, defense and security technology, and railway industries. Based on its own product platforms, VINCORION develops and produces tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of its customers.

Its portfolio includes individual assemblies that customers can integrate into their end products, as well as complete systems and end products. Its areas of expertise are energy and drive systems, stabilization systems, and aviation systems. VINCORION’s competent customer support team offers support and service throughout the many years of use of its own products and those of third parties.

Employing roughly 800 people at sites in Germany, the USA, Japan, and South Korea, VINCORION generated approximately 167 million euros in revenue in 2018.

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