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The idea of green flight is driving developments in the field of civil aviation. From synthetic aviation fuel to hybrid concepts, from eVTOL to the classic twin-engine commercial aircraft, science and industry are researching and working on a variety of new propulsion concepts and aircraft designs. Here at VINCORION, we want to use our expertise to help create the air travel industry of the future.

Tailored Technology


VINCORION has been active in the civil aviation market for decades. We apply our expertise to the generation and conversion of electrical energy in the air and to the supply of power on the ground. In this process, we always keep an eye on market requirements and the latest developments. How do economic and environmental factors influence a willingness to invest in and a willingness to fly electric-powered aircraft? And how confident are stakeholders in the battery technology? Together with FH Wedel University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University of Hamburg, we studied the market acceptance of electric flight on the basis of the first two-seater “electric aircraft” worldwide licensed with an EASA type certificate for flight schools, flight instructors, and private pilots. Hundreds of participants from all over the world took part in the survey.

Market Analysis: More Efficient Route Operation


Flight schools are ready to use electric-powered training aircraft built on the basis of current technologies. In their view, the cost-effectiveness of the electric aircraft is the deciding factor. Environmental aspects such as reduced carbon and noise emissions play a lesser role. Instead, longer flight times, shorter charging times, and thus the lowest possible downtime are key factors. At the same time, these future users are also concerned with safety aspects.

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Market Analysis and Aviation Expertise

Total cost of ownership, technological advancement, safety – with these insights from our market research, together with our aviation expertise, we want to help systematically shape electric flight in collaboration with a variety of partners. We look forward to hearing from you.

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