VINCORION Supplies Radomes for the “Quadriga” Eurofighter

The technology company VINCORION has been awarded a contract to supply 38 radomes for the latest generation of Eurofighters for the German Armed Forces. The total value of the contract is in the low double-digit million euro range. Delivery is scheduled for between 2023 and 2027.

“The modernization of the Eurofighter is a cornerstone of European security policy and an important step towards implementing the FCAS – especially with a view to developing and retaining key technologies in the German and European defense industries,” said Dr. Stefan Stenzel, Managing Director of VINCORION. “By securing this contract, we are once again demonstrating our ability to reliably deliver tailored technologies for demanding, multinational platforms for decades to come.”

Quadriga Program: 38 New Fighter Jets for the German Armed Forces
To date, the European aerospace industry has delivered a total of 140 aircraft in tranches 1, 2, and 3 to the German Armed Forces. Delivery of the 38 new Eurofighters is scheduled to begin in 2025 and be completed in 2030. The Eurofighters under the Quadriga program, whose procurement was approved by German parliament in November 2020, are a further development of tranches 2 and 3. At the heart of the new Eurofighters is a new radar that covers a particularly large field of view. In addition, maintenance of the Tranche 1 Eurofighters has become very costly, so they are to be replaced in stages.

Eurofighters from Tranche 2 onwards are multirole aircraft and can be used against both enemy fighters (air-to-air) and ground targets (air-to-ground). The first series of the Eurofighter is primarily capable of air combat and is therefore primarily used for QRA in Germany and the Baltic States (reinforced Baltic air policing).


VINCORION is a brand of the technology group Jenoptik that focuses on mechatronic solutions and products and related services.
VINCORION can look back at 60 years of successful business history as a supplier to the aviation, defense and security technology, and railway industries. Based on its own product platforms, VINCORION develops and produces tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of its customers.

Its portfolio includes individual assemblies that customers can integrate into their end products, as well as complete systems and end products. Its areas of expertise are energy and drive systems, stabilization systems, and aviation systems. VINCORION’s competent customer support team offers support and service throughout the many years of use of its own products and those of third parties.

Employing roughly 760 people at sites in Germany, the USA, Japan, and South Korea, VINCORION generated approximately 165 million euros in revenue in 2019.

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