VINCORION Introduces New Product Names

Mechatronics manufacturer VINCORION is introducing a standardized naming system across the company for its entire product portfolio. By using designations that are both understandable on an international level and more descriptive, the company intends to make the product range easier for customers to understand and increase the brand’s recognition value.

Effective immediately, VINCORION’s product names now consist of three elements: an abbreviated product group designation, a stand-out product feature, and a superscript “V” as a reference to the brand. Under the new naming system, the particularly long-lasting and rugged SJ311 electric power generator has become the EPG huskyV, while the P2M2 portable power management module is now called the PPM modularV. In total, more than 30 products from the company’s current range have now been given a new name as part of the rebranding process.

The introduction of a standardized product naming system marks the next milestone in the long-term development of the VINCORION brand, which was established in 2018 by consolidating the Jenoptik Group’s mechatronics expertise under one umbrella. The company develops power and stabilization solutions for the aviation, security and defense, and rail markets.

Descriptive Names Instead of Ambiguous Combinations of Letters and Numbers

“Consistent brand experiences are becoming increasingly important, even in tech-driven B2B markets,” said Petra Klähn, Head of Communications & Marketing at VINCORION. “That’s why we continue to refine and enhance our brand identity. This includes a systematic approach to developing descriptive product names, which we use to establish a clear reference to the brand and avoid ambiguous combinations of letters and numbers.”

The company developed the new product naming system during collaborative workshops with the Hamburg-based consulting firm Wert&Ehrlich and with employees from Sales and Product Management.


VINCORION is a brand of the technology group Jenoptik that focuses on mechatronic solutions and products and related services.
VINCORION can look back at 60 years of successful business history as a supplier to the aviation, defense and security technology, and railway industries. Based on its own product platforms, VINCORION develops and produces tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of its customers.

Its portfolio includes individual assemblies that customers can integrate into their end products, as well as complete systems and end products. Its areas of expertise are energy and drive systems, stabilization systems, and aviation systems. VINCORION’s competent customer support team offers support and service throughout the many years of use of its own products and those of third parties.

Employing roughly 760 people at sites in Germany, the USA, Japan, and South Korea, VINCORION generated approximately 165 million euros in revenue in 2019.

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