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  • JENOPTIK Advanced Systems GmbH - JENOPTIK Power Systems GmbH – Terms and Conditions of Sale (PDF 德文 | 英文)
  • Terms and Conditions of Sale – JENOPTIK Advanced Systems, LLC (PDF 英文)

一般采购条件和 Jenoptik 集团供货商规范

These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase as well as the Code of Conduct for Jenoptik Suppliers shall apply to all business transactions in which JENOPTIK AG or the following companies are the customer(s): JENOPTIK SSC GmbH, JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH, JENOPTIK Polymer Systems GmbH, PHOTONIC SENSE GmbH, JENOPTIK Laser GmbH, JENOPTIK Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, JENOPTIK KATASORB GmbH, JENOPTIK Diode Lab GmbH, JENOPTIK Robot GmbH, JENOPTIK Advanced Systems GmbH, Lechmotoren GmbH and JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology Germany GmbH.

Jenoptik 集团一般采购条件(版本:2017 年 4 月) (PDF 德文 | 英文)
Jenoptik 康采恩供货商规范(行为守则) (PDF 德文 | 英文