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Civilian Rescue Hoist

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The Reliable Lifesaver

Civilian Rescue Hoist

A mountaineer loses his grip and falls into a crevasse. Injured residents cannot leave their home after a flood. When events like these occur, helicopters come to the rescue. Since landing is often impossible, permanently installed hoists become lifesavers. VINCORION’s SkyHoist 800 is the most powerful and cost-effective civilian rescue hoist on the market today – and the market of tomorrow.

Rated Load

Max. 350 kg (@ 1.0 m/s)


Max. 2.0 m/s (@ < 150 kg)

Cable Length

max. 120 m

Civilian Rescue Hoist

Saving Lives with 350 kg Load Capacity

Greater Lifting Capacity, Greater Speed

Faster Operations

We have been supplying the hydraulic rescue hoist for the NH90 helicopter for many years. In discussions and systematic surveys with helicopter manufacturers and users, we have received many ideas for further improvements. This inspired us to combine our hoist experience with our innovative power and develop an electric rescue hoist that sets new standards in terms of performance, reliability, and safety.
Increasing the load capacity was one of the most pressing customer requirements. Compared to the standard, VINCORION’s SkyHoist 800 offers an additional 80 kg – a total of 350 kg makes operations with three people including equipment possible for the very first time. The cable is 120 m long, 30 m longer than comparable models – important when recovering victims from crevasses in mountains or glaciers. The maximum towing speed of the rope is 2 m per second, which increases the speed of the rescue. In addition, the ergonomic design makes the hoist easy to use and has earned VINCORION two prestigious awards: the “German Design Award” and the “Good Design Award” in the “Safety & Security” category.

With all of our systems, the focus is on people’s safety. This is most obvious with our new civilian rescue hoist. It really feels good to know we’re making a contribution to helping save people’s lives.

Simon Böttcher, Product Manager VINCORION Aviation

Added Value in Combination

Safe And Cost-Effective

In addition to the hoist’s superior functionality, our development and manufacturing efforts have focused on maximizing cost-effective use over its entire service life. The SkyHoist 800’s architecture is based on a capstan drive plus state-of-the-art control electronics, resulting in significantly longer maintenance intervals and greater reliability. In addition, the modular design significantly reduces the cost of replacing the cable or a module in the event of a problem, and thus also reduces costs. VINCORION’s civilian electric rescue hoist combines maximum safety with excellent cost-effectiveness.

Customer Support

Rapid Global Expertise

With expert knowledge and extensive experience, our customer support ensures that VINCORION solutions have a long life cycle. Based on our in-depth mechatronic expertise, we also provide maintenance and repair services for third-party products. Contact us for a package tailored to your needs.

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