Corporate Social Responsibility

for Society and
the Environment

From senior management to employees – we assume responsibility for society and the environment as an employer and pillar of the local economy, as a technology supplier and as an industrial company. That is why we support initiatives, projects, and organizations that contribute to solving environmental, societal, and economic challenges.

We Assume

  • Locations
  • Employees
  • Education and Research
  • Sustainability
  • Security
At our company’s sites by supporting charitable projects and organizations that work to promote equal opportunities and support young people.
As an employer by offering the right conditions to create the perfect work-life balance and by supporting our employees’ volunteer work.
For educating young people by supporting educational and scientific projects and associated institutions with a particular focus on STEM subjects.
As a technology company by developing low-emission power solutions and focusing on resource-efficient production methods and sustainable supply chains.
As a company in the defense technology industry by promoting an open, fact-based debate focused on solutions to security policy issues in our society and by supporting initiatives and institutions that advance this discourse.
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