As Versatile as Today’s Deployment Scenarios

More flexible, more powerful, and at the same time, sustainable and low-maintenance – defense systems will face growing demands in the coming decades. This is mainly due to the changing global and unpredictable deployment scenarios. Tactical power supply and generation is one of our core areas of expertise.

Tailored Modular Solutions

Tailored power management solutions open up new possibilities in defense scenarios. They are able to perfectly serve the demand profiles of the different fields of application. From portable, easy-to-use, low-emission gensets for a decentralized power supply to zero-emission storage systems that can meet even large electricity demands much more efficiently in quickly deployable interconnected systems.

Completely “Made in Germany”

VINCORION supplies cutting-edge power systems made in Germany. We rely on a sustainable and established value chain for both efficient gensets (PGM low emissionsV) with state-of-the-art exhaust gas aftertreatment as well as efficient power storage modules (ESM hybridV). Many years of experience and comprehensive expertise from development to maintenance are what make the difference at VINCORION. In this context, we manufacture tailored generators, gensets, controllers, power electronics, sensors, battery systems, and storage technologies in-house or process them further.

Next-Level Power Generation

VINCORION will use diesel engines with state-of-the-art exhaust gas aftertreatment for its future military gensets PGM low emissionsV. Thanks to emission downgrade technology, we guarantee that these systems can be used worldwide in the event of a crisis, even with poor-quality fuels.
Our new power storage modules ESM hybridV feature the latest storage technology and power electronics to maximize environmental friendliness. All of our power systems can be operated reliably in the field – autonomously via a basic genset, as part of a hybrid system, or in uninterruptible grid-parallel operation when a connection to the power grid is available.

Integrated Solutions, Robust Operational Readiness

Whether for command posts, communication and monitoring systems, or the operation of sensitive IT or medical equipment, our network of gensets and power storage units facilitates the efficient and flexible parallel and interconnected operation of all of the German Armed Forces’ future 50 kW to 200 kW systems. All of our gensets and power storage units are controlled by the same controllers. This makes integrated, user-friendly power management possible across all devices and subsystems, and means that users can integrate both today’s and tomorrow’s customized interfaces. High temperatures, sand, dust, and other environmental influences have no effect on the rugged system.

A Reliable Partner by Your Side Worldwide

Our integrated concept can be brought into operation quickly and meets the highest safety and fire prevention requirements from the battery cell to the power storage container. As a partner for power supplies by your side, we are committed to the development, manufacture, and testing of low-maintenance solutions and decades of obsolescence management – around the world, at a moment’s notice, with unparalleled reliability.

Interconnected Operation
Diagram of variable interconnected operation
Parallel Operation
Diagram of parallel operation of gensets and power storage modules
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A reliable partner from development to maintenance


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