Our vision:

everyone deserves to be safe. We are a recognized, international market leader in the field of mechatronic safety systems and solutions of the highest quality and reliability.

Our mission:

VINCORION offers protection and safe, tailored solutions that last a lifetime.

We successfully leverage global megatrends such as the growth of defense markets and the increased electrification of platforms. Our expertise and innovative products overcome technical limitations. We are also focusing on NATO and countries of equal status, with the aim of offering scalable products and solutions. As our worldwide customers’ preferred partner, we supply highly complex components and systems to our markets.

  • 1. Our customers
  • 2. Our employees
  • 3. Our suppliers
  • 4. Our quality and safety standards
  • 5. Our processes and technology
  • 6. Our responsibility
  • 7. Our corporate goals
  • 8. Our code of conduct
Our customers are our partners. Their lasting satisfaction is our benchmark for the performance, quality, and environmental sustainability of our products and processes.
Our company’s employees are the bedrock of our success. We actively foster their personal initiative, their sense of responsibility, and their expertise. We regard them as the cornerstone of and prerequisite for the continuous improvement of all of our products and processes. We ensure that our employees remain healthy and safe by complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
We will not achieve our objectives without reliable suppliers that operate on a global scale. We actively integrate our suppliers into our product development process at an early stage and focus on fair, lasting partnerships built for mutual success.
Quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and information security are market factors of particular importance to us. Striving to achieve the highest possible standards of quality and safety – while conserving natural resources and avoiding and preventing environmental pollution and accidents through our own products and processes – is enshrined in our certified management system.
In the interest of our customers, our employees, and society as a whole, we continuously advance and improve our processes, technologies, and core competencies. To achieve this, we focus on sustainable growth, continuously improving our processes, technology leadership, and ultimately operational excellence in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace.
Our stakeholders must be able to count on us to conscientiously assume responsibility for the security of all our activities and to use the data and information entrusted to us exclusively for the intended purpose and to protect it from misuse. In this respect, our established information security policy outlines the framework and scope.
A large number of people come into direct or indirect contact with our products, which is why one of our corporate objectives is to manufacture technologically safe products and maintain their availability throughout their entire life cycle.
Our company is a reliable and responsible partner whose activities are guided by the principle of sustainability. Compliance with international, national and official statutory provisions and internal regulations is a natural part of our activities. All employees are bound by our code of conduct.
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