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VINCORION Named Business of Excellence

DDW Die Deutsche Wirtschaft has awarded us the seal “Excellence Business of the German Mittelstand.”  The business network came to this conclusion by analyzing a total of 26 corporate governance factors in the categories of innovation; certifications; employer performance; commitment to employees, the environment, and society; and key business indicators – with VINCORION achieving excellent results in each of these categories.

“We’re delighted to have received this award. We systematically strive to achieve business success, and this seal is an additional confirmation of our efforts,” explains Managing Director Dr. Stefan Stenzel. The “Excellence Business of the German Mittelstand” award recognizes the achievements of an organization as well as its culture.

Our Achievements: Tailor-Made Technologies in Sync with the Zeitgeist

As a long-standing partner to the civil aviation, rail, security, and defense industries, meeting specific customer requirements is part of our daily business. This requires innovative solutions that will function for several decades, even under extreme conditions, and reliably withstand all kinds of wear and tear. As these are highly regulated areas of application, there are a multitude of certifications, guidelines, and standards of quality that must be met.

Close collaboration with our customers, usually in the context of long-term partnerships, is crucial in order to meet these high, sometimes extremely specific requirements. In addition, our product development and optimization activities follow defined megatrends. In particular, sustainable and climate-friendly technologies are playing an increasingly important role at VINCORION. We can ideally apply our expertise in the field of green defense, as energy efficiency has always played a central role in our gensets.

Our Culture: The Value of Employees

In this context, our success is largely driven by our employees, who each make an individual contribution to the security of our society through their work for the civil aviation, rail, and defense industries. We define the way we want to work together and the values that form the foundation for this in our “Guiding Principles for Our Collaboration” and “Leadership Compass” for managers. After all, long-term business success can only be achieved in an environment in which employees feel comfortable. We believe this also includes a healthy work-life balance through concepts such as flexible work schedules, daily working hours that employees can largely set themselves, and the ability to work remotely. We support the development of expertise and stimulate innovation processes through personalized advanced training programs. Our employees also enjoy other perks such as pension benefits, health management, and additional incentives.

VINCORION Named Business of Excellence


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