High-Tech for Precise Hits: VINCORION Supplies Innovative GTD chaserV Weapon Stabilization System

Paris. At the Eurosatory trade show in Paris, the German technology company VINCORION officially presented its new GTD chaserv weapon stabilization system as ready for large-scale production.

The stabilization technology GTD chaserv ensures that the gun in modern armored vehicles such as the LEOPARD 2 and the Puma always remains precisely aligned with the target, even at high speeds and when moving over rough terrain. The product’s modular design supports innovative system architectures such as the Leopard 2 A-RC 3.0 presented at the trade show.


“With GTD chaserv, the gunner can precisely engage their targets, even under the most difficult conditions – maximizing the probability of a first hit,” said Sascha Brüning, Vice President Business Development and Sales at VINCORION, at the presentation of the system at the trade show in Paris.


Preconfigured Modules for a Wide Range of Applications


The GTD chaserv system is based on preconfigured and prequalified components and modules and offers a number of advantages, such as its ability to be adapted to the needs of the user and the configuration of the vehicle. The core components and modules are fully ready for large-scale production – enabling them to be adapted to new vehicles extremely quickly, such as the latest generation of the LEOPARD 2. Those who opt for the system benefit from a future-proof architecture that can be upgraded quickly and cost-effectively at any time.  Furthermore, data-based maintenance and optimized obsolescence management also reduce life cycle costs.


“With the GTD chaserv electronics and the corresponding innovative drive systems, it is possible to build unmanned turrets for main battle tanks that are extremely powerful, offer enormous safety benefits for the crew, and can fire three shots in just ten seconds thanks to the additional integration of an autoloader,” said Brüning, explaining the possibilities offered by GTD chaserv.


Drive System, Stabilization, and Power Electronics


“At VINCORION, we manufacture numerous important components for the LEOPARD 2: the turret and gun drives, the gun’s aiming and stabilization system, and the power electronics,” said Brüning. The generator for the tank’s approximately 1500 hp diesel engine also comes from the company.


VINCORION has acquired important contracts as part of the latest orders for main battle tanks – for example, 54 LEOPARD 2 A8 tanks will be delivered to NATO partner Norway. This will be the first time that GTD chaserv stabilization technology is used in large-scale production. Further deliveries for Germany and partner countries are already confirmed in the order pipeline, translating to more than 120 system deliveries over the next three years, accompanied by numerous other options and opportunities on the market.


System Constantly Compensates for Vehicle Movements


The unparalleled precision offered by the electronic and mechanical systems in GTD chaserv can only be achieved with a fast-reacting drive motor for the turret and gun, noted Daniel Zeitler, Head of Product Management at VINCORION. Highly complex control technology and software process, interpret, and use the data from the position and movement sensors. According to Zeitler, the precise interaction of sensor technology, data processing, drive electronics, and the drives is crucial: “This allows the large mass of the turret and, in particular, the barrel to be controlled precisely and at maximum speed. The system needs to continuously and directly compensate for vehicle movement and recoil from the shot in order to precisely aim at the target.”


This is achieved by the power electronics that VINCORION supplies for the tanks. “A lot of computing power, sensors, and energy are required to make the tank’s gun turret rotate and the weapon elevate and lower,” noted Zeitler. That is why the company is convinced that it is supplying a gun aiming and stabilization system that can be considered the best in the world. But VINCORION components are not only found in the LEOPARD 2 – VINCORION technology can also be found in the Puma’s electronic and mechanical systems, which enable a firing angle of minus 10 to plus 45 degrees. This also applies to the Panzerhaubitze 2000.


Technical Background: Details of the GTD chaserV Product Family


The GTD chaserv product family has a wide range of applications in light and heavy combat vehicles. It includes a variety of drive systems – from spindles to spur gears – for the mechanical interfaces. It is designed to be reliable and cost-optimized over the entire life cycle. “This gives it the edge that our customers value,” explained Zeitler.


The system is optimized for use in a military environment. It is also equipped with a redundant emergency drive that can be operated either mechanically or electrically. Highlighting the advantages of the system, Brüning noted that: “Our product has low life cycle costs. Its extreme reliability and low maintenance requirements reduce TCO.”


More about the GTD chaserV System in the Keynote


“With the new modular GTD chaserv system kit, VINCORION is ready for every requirement and challenge related to future aiming and stabilization systems, especially with regard to new developments for main battle tanks from the major OEMs,” emphasized Dennis Hunold, Senior Product Manager. This is also demonstrated by customer KNDS’ upgrade program for the LEOPARD 2 to unmanned turret technology and design.


“The overall concept can only be implemented at all thanks to the use of a revolutionary weapon storage system, suitable drives, and the high-performance electronics from GTD chaserv. Weight and size are significantly reduced. The crew is protected in the best possible way, whereby the effectiveness of the main battle tank against targets is maximized,” stressed Hunold.


Kajetan von Mentzingen, VINCORION CEO (M), presents the new weapon stabilization at Eurosatory 2024 with Sascha Brüning, Vice President Business Development and Sales (R) and Daniel Zeitler, Head of Product Management.


Further information is available from VINCORION or at Eurosatory. In his keynote speech “How to Innovate the Stabilization of Future Tank Weapons,” Dennis Hunold will explain the functionality and possibilities offered by the GTD chaserv system in detail. His presentation will take place on Thursday, June 20 at 4 p.m. on the “Exhibitors Corner” stage in Hall 6.


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