SSDS silenceV

The Challenge
DC motors require a great deal of space, extensive maintenance, and are expensive to operate. Modern permanent-magnet (PM) synchronous machines with variable-frequency control via a suitable, highly efficient drive power converter can offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency and maintenance in an integrated system.

VINCORION’s Solution
In close cooperation with our project partner, VINCORION has developed a solution with optimized system technology and acoustics that stands out thanks to its outstanding efficiency, small size, zero maintenance, and low costs.

VINCORION’s SSDS silence<sup>V</sup> solution featuring a PM drive unit (PM synchronous electric motor and power converter) offers you as a systems provider the advantages of a compact design and infinitely variable control of the process variables, while at the same time delivering outstanding acoustic and magnetic properties.

Our systems deliver high drive and system efficiencies – this means the hotel load can be effectively reduced, significantly increasing the submerged cruising range of conventional submarines.

Our technology reduces maintenance to a minimum, since, for example, carbon brush wear does not occur. The power converters are equipped with an intuitive control panel so that they can also be controlled locally and can be adapted to a large number of different tasks via simple parameterization.

Variable-speed PM drive units from VINCORION represent a quantum leap for systems provider and users of auxiliary drives for submarines. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want us to adapt the system to other areas of application.

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