Gensets for Military Vehicles Jeibmann Photographik

The Challenge
Military vehicles have to perform perfectly at all times, even during demanding missions and in difficult climatic conditions. An emergency power source that operates independently of the main drive system expands the options.

VINCORION’s Solutions
Gensets from VINCORION reliably supply electricity tailored to the respective on-board systems. As a heavy-duty and compact combination of diesel engine, generator, and rectifier, the auxiliary power unit (APU) makes it possible to charge the battery and operate the air conditioning.

VINCORION solutions can be adapted with flexibility to meet specific customer requirements and can be used in a wide range of military vehicles. Their modular, compact, and lightweight design means they can be installed in almost any space in the vehicle.

VINCORION’s auxiliary power units have proven themselves all over the world. They currently operate reliably in around 1,000 models of two main battle tanks in widespread use worldwide: the British Challenger 2 and the German Leopard 2. The permanent magnet flywheel generator installed in the system delivers high energy peaks. Because it does not produce a great deal of noise, the APU also supports silent watch mode. A running APU reduces wear and tear on the main drive system and reduces fuel consumption.

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