The Challenge
In a military mission, the first strike is of critical importance. A military vehicle’s weapon must remain precisely on target – even when driving across rough terrain. The weapon stabilization system needs to continuously and directly compensate for vehicle movement and recoil from the shot, and do so in a reliable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective manner for decades.

VINCORION’s Solution
Take advantage of VINCORION’s extensive expertise in gun turret and weapon stabilization systems. If you have a technical challenge, we can develop a tailored solution for you.

Based on our experience with the Puma, Leopard, and the self-propelled howitzer 2000, we have developed the perfect modular base system in the form of the GTD chaserV. Consisting of control and power electronics, sensors, and electromechanical drives, this system can be adapted to any platform at short notice to meet individual requirements.

VINCORION’s GTD chaserV is a powerful system with easy-to-maintain replacement and repair capabilities, rapid development times, simplified spare parts logistics, and short procurement cycles.

We will remain by your side from development to upgrading the system with new functionalities to overhauling the system decades later – whether via our worldwide customer support, at our own workshops, or during training sessions and seminars.

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