The Challenge
The Patriot is the world’s leading air defense system – and it’s powered by VINCORION. A core element of the system is the HPS launcherV. Like many other military systems, maximum power is required for only a fraction of the operating time. Nevertheless, the gensets are designed for this maximum load. This leads to inefficient idle times with high fuel consumption, engine and exhaust system wear and tear, and high maintenance requirements.

VINCORION’s Solution
VINCORION’s HPS launcherV hybrid genset for the Patriot is an innovative solution to this challenge. The variable-speed diesel genset is designed for the typical and actual load profile and is backed up at peak loads by a power storage unit made of supercaps. In this context, the genset meets all MIL and system requirements and can be used as a plug-and-play solution in all Patriot systems worldwide, as a successful trial with the US Army over several months demonstrated.

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