Military Converters

The Challenge
In order to ensure that the maximum amount of power is available for air defense operations at the military camp, power must be fed in and made available from a variety of sources, such as the regional power grid.

VINCORION’s Solution
VINCORION has been supplying field-proven converters for decades that provide a 400 Hz supply for long-term deployments. You can operate your infrastructure via the local power grid or the VINCORION genset without having to switch over VINCORION converters operate in hot standby mode so that you can seamlessly switch between grid and genset operation at any time without any interruption in power.

Our 400 Hz converters can be operated on 50 Hz and 60 Hz networks worldwide and meet military standards’ stringent formal requirements. As a result, sensitive military equipment such as aircraft or air defense systems receive a reliable and constant supply of 400 Hz power at an appropriate voltage.

Y can rely on our expertise, including state-of-the-art development, production, and testing tools.

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