The Challenge
The development of modern military vehicles that include more and more systems that require power is leading to an increasing demand for electricity.

VINCORION’s Solutions
VINCORION’s powerful and compact electric power systems can work either in combination with the main drive system or independently of it. We offer complete power solutions for your vehicles – from extra-low voltage to low or high voltage.

In the extra-low voltage segment, we are broadly positioned with auxiliary power units that can also be used as range extenders, our HEMS (hybrid energy management system) start-stop system, and our BOS (battery observation system).

In addition, we offer the ability for you to use a complete power system with starter generator, lithium-ion battery connection, connection to the vehicle’s 28-volt on-board electrical system, export/import power, and high-voltage systems that consume electricity like A/C drives or high-performance fan drives. In this context, we offer numerous additional functions such as boost mode, KERS, and silent watch mode.

VINCORION solutions stand out for their efficiency, functionality, and ease of integration. We offer optimized electrical vehicle power systems that are an excellent value. Contact us today for a solution tailored to your needs.

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