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The technology company VINCORION is headquartered in Wedel, near Hamburg, Germany. The company’s 800 employees develop and manufacture solutions such as power systems, generators, power electronics, stabilization systems, and lifting systems at three sites in Germany and one in the United States. These are supplied to major systems integrators in the security and defense industries as well as the aerospace and rail industries, and are installed in air defense systems, armored vehicles, aircraft, and other applications.

“We have decades of experience and, in many cases, unique engineering expertise. This is especially true when it comes to the generation, conversion, storage, and management of electricity,” explains Dr. Stefan Stenzel, Managing Director of VINCORION.

The company’s customers include government agencies, the German Armed Forces, and the defense ministries of numerous NATO and EU countries. But VINCORION also supplies equipment to large producers and platform manufacturers such as RTX. “We are proud that our solutions enable the safe and reliable operation of military and civilian platforms worldwide,” says Stenzel. VINCORION also offers services such as maintenance and repair (“MRO”) or the modernization of existing components and systems.

Vocational training is also one of the company’s key areas of focus. VINCORION currently has more than 30 trainees completing programs to become trained industrial mechanics, electricians for equipment and systems, and industrial management assistants. In addition, the company also offers cooperative education programs.


VINCORION supplies high-performance equipment to the German Armed Forces as well as to NATO and EU member states – both at short notice and for long-term procurement projects such as the Heavy Transport Helicopter, the Eurofighter, Puma, or Leopard 2. It’s obvious that more is needed to achieve this than just a few new screws on the old equipment – low-emission, hybrid technologies are critical to the future viability of our customers in NATO countries, for example,” says Stenzel.

That is why VINCORION sites are aggressively focused on the issue of sustainability, which ranges from supply chains and low-emission manufacturing techniques to designing efficient and resource-friendly power solutions for civilian and military applications. By developing power management and propulsion system solutions, VINCORION aims to help create the technologies of tomorrow – and the green defense.

VINCORION’s hybrid power systems are among the solutions that will improve the military’s “carbon bootprint.” They optimize efficiency in military platforms’ power management, directly reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a result. In field camp or air defense systems, the self-sufficient, adaptable, and hybrid power architecture also becomes a tactical advantage, cutting fuel consumption by up to half, halving downtime, and significantly increasing in fail-safety. In addition, the power systems are designed to support the integration of self-sufficient fuel cell technology and other sustainable energy sources.

These include, for example, gensets, products for power management in military vehicles, or individual power units. In the Airborne Systems segment, VINCORION supplies the emergency power supply for the Eurofighter, for example. For the well-known Patriot defense system, VINCORION offers the HPS launcherV hybrid power pack as a solution to deliver sufficient power, even during short peak loads, and to supply the radar system with electricity. VINCORION has repeatedly received Patriot manufacturer RTX’s supplier award.

As a supplier to the civil aviation industry, VINCORION manufactures energy management systems such as the FCS protectorV or the ICPU supervisorV, a heater controller for aircraft. When it comes to helicopters, the ERH premierV hoist system plays a vital role in recovery operations. The Ground Service Equipment segment offers converters and voltage drop capacitors that provide power to aircraft when parked. In the field of rail technology, VINCORION offers solutions such as traction generators and auxiliary power units.

The History of VINCORION

VINCORION is a familiar face in the industrial landscape and looks back on a history steeped in tradition, dating back to the founding of AEG in 1895 and Lechmotoren in 1947. Jenoptik acquired the company in 1997, as well as Lechmotoren in 2003.

The new brand name VINCORION was created in 2018 – “VINCO” is Latin for “I win.” The name addresses the “CORE” needs of customers and is reminiscent of “ORION,” the great hunter in Greek mythology. These three meanings were combined to create the brand name VINCORION. Since June 2022, the company has been operating independently under this name.

Today, VINCORION is an attractive employer with family-friendly benefits for its employees and is committed to various charitable projects at its sites through donations and sponsorship programs.

Facts about VINCORION

Managing directors: Dr. Stefan Stenzel, Dieter Holst and Kajetan von Mentzingen
Revenue in 2022: 122,8 million euros
Employees: Approximately 800 across all sites

Product Range

Power generation: Gensets, generators, hybrid power conversion with a focus on hybrid systems and “green defense” / “green military”; lifting systems, stabilization


Security and defense technology: airborne systems, infrastructure, land systems, air defense; Aviation: aircraft, helicopters; Rail technology: diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, multiple units; MRO for its own and third-party products


Military: AQAP 2110, 2210; AWACS NATO E-3A Source of Repair Certificate, LufABw – LTB (ZDv A-1525)

Quality management: EN 9100, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO/TS 22163, ISO 9001,  EN 15085-2 (welding), ISO 3834-3 (welding), ISO/IEC 27001

Civil aviation: EASA Part 21G (production), EASA Part 145 (MRO),
FAA Part 145 (MRO), CAAC Part 145 (MRO), Gulfstream Approval of Supplier

What sets us apart

The future of power management


Further informationen:       

Florian Hanauer
VINCORION Advanced Systems GmbH
Feldstrasse 155
22880 Wedel, Germany
T  + 49 4103 60 – 2250



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