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VINCORION supplies IRIS-T SLM with energy

VINCORION, a technology company based in Wedel near Hamburg, Germany, is supplying power for the most advanced air defense system: The IRIS-T SLM system receives its modules for power supply from Wedel, in the current as well as the coming year, as VINCORION announces. The manufacturer of IRIS-T SLM is the company Diehl Defence from Überlingen, which acts as general contractor and system integrator.

“For us, this is a very important order. Since the turn of the times, there has been a lot of talk about IRIS-T SLM,” says Dr. Stefan Stenzel, VINCORION’s managing director. “We are proud to be able to offer a modern energy supply for IRIS-T SLM. However, it is also an important concern for us to be able to contribute to the development of a new European air defense in the medium term.”

Protection for a major City

IRIS-T SLM and other current air defense systems complement each other. Diehl Defence’s system is used for medium-range missions – for example, to build up a protective screen over a major city. The system can then engage jets, helicopters, short-range missiles, drones and guided missiles at ranges of up to 40 kilometers.

VINCORION’s components are called the EVM or, in English, PSM (“power supply module”). This module is responsible for the complete power supply of the launcher, i.e. for all components that require a power supply. This includes the launcher’s rotation system, the weapon computer or the heating system. The system can achieve a continuous output of 10 kilowatts.

The modules are a new development, VINCORIONs product specialists report, made specifically for IRIS-T SLM. The plant’s diesel generator is not comparable to older systems, because it can be much smaller at high power.


Timm Ziegenthaler / Alamy The IRIS-T system on the carrier vehicle that brings it to the site.


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