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VINCORION Takes German Armed Forces to the Next Energy Level by Equipping Them with Extremely Sustainable Power Systems

A significant achievement for the technology company from Wedel: VINCORION has been awarded a contract by Germany’s Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology, and In-Service Support for power supply systems for the German Armed Forces, and will deliver the corresponding prototypes and preproduction systems between now and the end of 2024.
The framework agreement with a total value of around 16 million euros encompasses both the development of state-of-the-art diesel generators that meet EU Stage V emissions standards and the supply of innovative power storage systems for a hybrid and particularly environmentally friendly energy supply.

Thanks to the new generation of military gensets from VINCORION, the German Armed Forces will reach the next level in electrical power supply, both in terms of tactical operational scope and environmental protection. What makes this contract notable is, on the one hand, the use of modern Stage V engines in the core military duty of providing a reliable power supply for the German Armed Forces’ worldwide missions. On the other hand, the deployment of power storage systems for hybrid or battery operation is new.

Emission Downgrade Technology for Reliable Operational Readiness

A Stage V genset from VINCORION can be powered by common NATO fuels as well as operated in parallel and in conjunction with multiple systems. The key innovation lies in the system’s emission downgrade technology. It makes it possible, for example, to generate electricity with low-grade fuels during foreign missions such as in Mali. This ensures that the genset, and therefore the German Armed Forces, can operate safely and reliably worldwide.

In the coming months, VINCORION will develop not only the Stage V gensets for the German Armed Forces, but also the appropriate power storage modules, each with outputs of 50 kilowatts and 200 kilowatts, respectively. The modules will be delivered in a compact and rugged package – in ISO container formats of 10 feet or 20 feet. This makes it possible to relocate and use them quickly. The power storage modules ordered by the German Armed Forces will also be equipped with an optional 8 or 16 kW solar power system. Both systems will be developed and manufactured at VINCORION’s site in the Bavarian town of Altenstadt.

Hybrid Future with Stage V, Storage Modules, and Renewable Energy Sources

Continuity and mission fulfillment on all fronts – the German Armed Forces already added environmental protection to their mandate over 50 years ago. As a governmental organization, it has a special obligation to comply with environmental law and the German government’s environmental policy directives. The flexible combination of gensets and power storage units of different power classes as well as the integration of renewable energy sources or the public grids available on site supports this objective; after all, it makes efficient power management possible with low fuel consumption and a high level of reliability. “We are delighted that our decades of experience in military generators, power electronics, and power management make all the difference. From our point of view, the Bundeswehr is setting standards when it comes to the sustainability of armed forces with these cutting-edge power systems,” commented Dr. Stefan Stenzel, Managing Director of VINCORION.

Key Advantages: Long-Term Spare Parts Supply and Deep Vertical Integration

Whether in Mali, the Sahara, or other crisis situations, the German Armed Forces expect a reliable power supply today and in the future. In addition to environmental protection aspects, obsolescence management, i.e., the timely replacement of parts during the many years of operation that will no longer be manufactured in the future, was an important criterion in the decision to opt for VINCORION. The technology company relies on a high degree of vertical integration and guarantees that future capabilities will be incorporated into its systems. As such, VINCORION deploys proprietary software and controllers in its gensets and power storage modules. This represents a real advantage in times of global supply bottlenecks.

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VINCORION is a technology company that specializes in innovative power systems for safety-critical applications, including generators, electric motors, and drives, gensets, power electronics, and hybrid power systems.
As a partner to the civil aviation, security and defense, and rail industries, VINCORION develops and manufactures solutions tailored to its customers’ specific requirements on the basis of an in-depth dialog. A high-performance customer support team provides assistance and service to users of the company’s own products and those from third parties throughout the entire product life cycle.
With approximately 700 employees at sites in Germany, and the United States, VINCORION generated revenues of approximately 145 million euros in 2021.
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