Climate change is becoming a security threat – to the European continent itself as well as to Europe’s strategic interests. In this context, it is estimated that military forces account for more than five percent of global carbon emissions today. A sustainable defense policy that embraces the issue of green defense and invests in climate-friendly technologies is therefore becoming a question of survival.

The white paper “What You Need to Know About Green Defense”

looks at the decarbonization of our armed forces from the perspectives of policymakers, scientific researchers, and industry and answers the following questions:

  • What role does climate change play in European defense policy?
  • What are the political objectives? What does the research community demand?
  • What actions are governments like the United Kingdom and Germany taking when it comes to green defense?
  • How can military technologies be made more environmentally and climate friendly?
  • What contribution to green defense can the military technology industry make?
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