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People all over the world rely on air defense systems. They are among the most complex military systems. Important components include the launcher, the command center, and radar units. VINCORION is the market leader in power supplies for air defense systems. We meet all MIL standards and can offer an extremely high level of customization.

In Use around the Globe

Our solutions are used in many popular systems – first and foremost in the Patriot air defense system. We also supply the power system for the COBRA counter-battery radar system. In addition to other projects such as MEADS/TLVS or the RAT-31 air surveillance radar, we are also equipped to meet your special load requirements with our tailored power solutions.

Patriot. Powered by VINCORION

We have been supplying reliable power systems for the world’s most popular air defense system for decades and, together with the US Army, are developing a hybrid solution for the next generation of the Patriot that uses supercaps for power storage. VINCORION has received the Raytheon Supplier Excellence Award multiple times for its outstanding working relationship.

The Patriot System

Radar, Launcher, and Communication System

The Patriot system can only perform its life-saving role when the three components of radar, launcher, and communication system work together seamlessly. Within the framework of the close collaboration between Raytheon, the nations that use the system, and VINCORION, we guarantee the superior performance of all three subsystems by providing a customized power supply. We are the first choice for Patriot users around the globe – with proven reliability and extensive customer support.



Like many military systems, the Patriot launcher system requires maximum power for only a fraction of the operating time. Nevertheless, gensets are designed for this maximum load. This leads to inefficient idle times with high fuel consumption, engine and exhaust system wear and tear, and high maintenance requirements. VINCORION’s hybrid genset for the Patriot is an innovative solution to this challenge.
The variable-speed diesel genset is designed for the typical and actual load profile and is backed up at peak loads by a power storage unit made of supercaps. The genset meets all MIL and system requirements and can be used as a plug-and-play solution in all Patriot systems worldwide, as a successful trial with the US Army over several months demonstrated.

Launcher genset: Plug-and-play hybrid genset for Patriot rocket launcher
Generator set: 400 Hz generator set with 15 kW maximum output
Power storage: Supercap power storage and commercial grid interface (50/60 Hz – 400 Hz), automatic UPS switchover


Radar systems are central components of military reconnaissance, surveillance, and defense. Security and military superiority depend on their reliable and autonomous operation at all times. VINCORION has been supplying various radar systems for the reconnaissance of movements in the air and on the ground for decades.

EEP radarV: Supplies power to the Patriot radar station
Generator system: Generator set consisting of 2× 150 kW, 400 Hz systems


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