EU Supports Development of New Power Storage Systems by VINCORION Within the Scope of NOMAD Project

VINCORION, a technology company based in Wedel, near Hamburg, Germany, is pleased to announce an important achievement in the development of new power storage systems in Europe: the European Union will support the NOMAD project with a grant worth millions of euros. The project has been awarded a total of about 20 million euros under the European Defence Fund (EDF) for the development of innovative power storage systems. Of this amount, 1.7 million euros from the EU as well as the German Ministry of Defense will go to VINCORION; which is the equivalent of a nearly 100 percent funding quota.

The project, which is being carried out by a consortium of European companies, will launch in 2024 and run for four years. The new power storage units will be used in military installations, operating bases, and camps, among other locations. “What’s particularly exciting for us is that significant parts of the integration and testing process will take place at VINCORION,” said Stefan Stenzel, Managing Director of VINCORION. This will give the company further progress in the latest storage technologies. In addition, this call for tenders will create the opportunity to participate in other EU funding programs aimed at advancing the development of advanced, hybrid, and tactical power supply systems.

Tailored Power Solutions for the Defense Industry

VINCORION manufactures a range of power systems for the defense sector, which are designed to meet massive power demands and can do so efficiently, with minimal fuel requirements, and in a flexible manner. The company also offers a range of power management systems and converters for military applications.

Working Together across Europe to Increase Safety

VINCORION is particularly pleased that the company’s new funding strategy is proving successful, as the project was already accepted in the first round of the European Defence Fund. The acronym NOMAD stands for “NOvel Power Storage Technologies Usable at MilitAry Deployments in Forward Operating Bases.” The new technologies will be designed jointly by European industry and think tank partners and subsequently also tested in realistic scenarios.

NOMAD is truly a European project – in addition to VINCORION, other companies from Germany, and companies from Spain, France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Estonia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, and Norway are involved. NOMAD contributes also to the EU subsidy program “Energy Operational Function” within the framework of the cooperation “PESCO,” which aims to strengthen member states’ collaboration in defense policy.

The European Union’s EDF program, which was unveiled in 2017, supports defense-related projects. It ranges from the creation of new energy and environmental systems to the next generation of fighter aircraft, tanks, and ships to defense technologies such as military clouds, cyberspace, or medical countermeasures. In addition, EDF aims to advance the development of cutting-edge technologies, particularly in the fields of quantum technology and new materials, and to support the cross-border co-operation of small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups.

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VINCORION is a technology company that specializes in innovative power systems for safety-critical applications, including generators, electric motors, and drives, gensets, power electronics, and hybrid power systems.
As a partner to the civil aviation, security and defense, and rail industries, VINCORION develops and manufactures solutions tailored to its customers’ specific requirements on the basis of an in-depth dialog. A high-performance customer support team provides assistance and service to users of the company’s own products and those from third parties throughout the entire product life cycle.
With approximately 700 employees at sites in Germany, and the United States, VINCORION generated revenues of approximately 145 million euros in 2021.
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