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One of the characteristics of medium-haul and long-haul passenger planes is that after a few hours in flight, the floor near the doors cools down noticeably as temperatures outside drop to minus 60° C. A thermal bridge forms exactly where passengers go to the restrooms and crews work in the galley. This results in a lack of comfort and poor working conditions.

Our latest generation of heated floor panels is specially designed for these typical critical cold points. Developed over a period of two years in close collaboration with aircraft manufacturers, VINCORION’s heated floor panels contain innovative features that eliminate all the causes of damage to earlier sandwich panels. These new lightweight models are capable of withstanding a maximum load of two t/cm2.

Weight 4,9 kg/m2
Rated power 460 W/m2
Power supply 115 V / max. 7,5 A
Used for the First Time in Aircraft Manufacturing


The extreme wear and tear floor panels in the doorways and galleys are subject to – resulting from foot traffic, moisture, or the impact of falling kitchen objects, for example – quickly leads to corrosion and delamination. This can ultimately lead to the failure of the sandwich panels, which cannot be repaired. Instead of a conventional resistance heater with wires, VINCORION’s floor panels FPH endurancev use a PTC heat coating that has never been used before in civilian aviation. When heating temperatures rise, the paint cools down and thus protects the heating element from damage.

Aluminum from Shipbuilding


The innovative use of a special aluminum alloy from shipbuilding solves further challenges, as it allows 85% of the heat generated inside to be dissipated upwards. Even after seven months of intensive testing, there were no signs of corrosion, moisture, or fungal infestation. In terms of cost-effectiveness, the FPH endurancev heated floor panel stands out for its low maintenance requirements, which are further reduced by the fact that customers can easily repair the panels themselves using a resin sealing kit. Following certification and approval in 2018, the heated floor panels entered full-scale production in 2019. The panels can be installed in aircraft from every manufacturer. This VINCORION solution increases comfort on board and makes flying even safer and more efficient.


Boris Menz
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