The Challenge:
Residual currents, short circuits, and flying sparks can occur in aircraft heating units, posing a danger to passengers and crew. Is there a better solution than the conventional fuse systems?

VINCORION’s Solution:

The FCS protectorV fault current sensor detects short circuits by measuring residual current. If a short-circuit to ground current exceeds the threshold of 30 milliamperes, it modulates the load current and the controller permanently shuts down the load.

The FCS protectorV modulates the positive half-waves for 15 milliseconds and then generates a peak current of 28 amps for 20 milliseconds. VINCORION’s controllers (e.g., the IPCU supervisorV) detect the modulation as an indication of a residual current and switch off the channel even before the peak current is applied.

VINCORION’s solutions work significantly faster and more reliably than conventional fuses. They can easily be installed in any type of aircraft during production or as a retrofit.

The FCS protectorV can be used for any type of onboard heating unit as well as for galleys, for example. It is integrated standard into VINCORION’s heated floor panel. The sensor significantly increases flight safety – a small module that makes a big difference.

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