The Challenge:
Constantly maintaining a comfortable floor temperature in the aircraft door and galley area is particularly challenging. This area of the aircraft floor is where extreme wear and tear and high heat requirements meet.

VINCORION’s Solution:
This is the first time that a PTC heat coating has been used in aircraft manufacturing instead of conventional heating wires in order to distribute the heat evenly over the floor area. FPH enduranceV heated floor panel meets all of the requirements in terms of comfort, safety, and robustness – and does so in an innovative way. Our new heating element technology in lightweight composite design is sure to impress you.

Thanks to the use of surface-treated aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), the panel is corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and low-maintenance. Our sandwich panels are standard-equipped in one of the latest long-range, wide-body aircraft. In addition, our underfloor heating is also designed for use in business jets and helicopters.

Combine the floor panel with our heating control unit and residual current sensor to form a complete VINCORION floor heating system – for maximum reliability when heating the aircraft floor.

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