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Tested for Safe Operation Thanks to VINCORION

Israel orders new test bench for Merkava and Namer tank generators

The technology company VINCORION, based in Wedel near Hamburg, Germany, will supply a new generator test bench to Israel. This unit is tailored to the generators that VINCORION already supplies to the middle eastern nation.

 “We are extremely pleased to receive this order valued at just under two million euros,” said

Sascha Brüning, Vice President Business Development & Sales. In this context, the company was ultimately awarded the order after successfully beating out not only the original supplier, but also other competitors. Thanks to its extremely high standards of quality, VINCORION was able to hold its own during the bidding process, despite the fact that it was competing against lower-priced suppliers.

In its bid for the contract, an external partner provided invaluable assistance to the company. This partner will now be responsible for manufacturing the new test bench according to VINCORION’s specifications, and it should be ready for delivery in approximately 18 months. The new system will be used to carry out maintenance work in Israel and to service the EPG huskyV generators from VINCORION.

Power for the worlds heaviest tank

The company has delivered these generators, which supply power to Merkava main battle tanks and Namer infantry fighting vehicles, for many years. At 65 tons, the Merkava IV, which is manufactured in Israel, is the world’s heaviest mass-produced tank. The Namer, as an infantry fighting vehicle, uses the Merkava chassis as its development base. When it comes to the design of the two vehicles, protecting the crew is the top priority. As such, the generators for the armored vehicles must be suitably powerful.

 VINCORION’s primary role now is to fine-tune the specification and coordinate the process. “We will remain in constant contact with both the customer and with our partner/supplier until the first generator is tested on the new test bench in Israel in approximately 18 months”, says Brüning. The new order also permanently cements VINCORION’s position as a supplier to Israel.

VINCORION’s EPG huskyV generators for military and civilian applications stand out for their outstanding efficiency, even under adverse environmental conditions, low maintenance costs throughout their service life, and compact, modular design. They can be scaled to fit customer requirements.

Large Quantity of New Controllers for Merkava

In addition to the generators, VINCORION also supplies controllers for the vehicles, which are used to regulate the power generated by the units. For the Merkava tank, the company has only manufactured small batches of the RK199 type controllers so far, often ten to twenty units.

The new solution is much more attractive for the Israeli customer and the company – it will produce a larger batch. Work on the batch has now begun at VINCORION’s sites in Essen and Wedel. Over the course of the next three months, the employees there will build and test a total of 700 controllers. Fifty units have already been manufactured and tested to date. This order has a total value of 1.2 million euros.

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VINCORION is a technology company that specializes in innovative power systems for safety-critical applications, including generators, electric motors, and drives, gensets, power electronics, and hybrid power systems.
As a partner to the civil aviation, security and defense, and rail industries, VINCORION develops and manufactures solutions tailored to its customers’ specific requirements on the basis of an in-depth dialog. A high-performance customer support team provides assistance and service to users of the company’s own products and those from third parties throughout the entire product life cycle.
With approximately 700 employees at sites in Germany, and the United States, VINCORION generated revenues of approximately 145 million euros in 2021.
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